When you register on the MIX BRAZIL FIT’s website, you will be provided with a login ID (registered e-mail) and a password. By registering,, every time you access the website, you will be able to log in and explore new products in a personalized way. This will facilitate your future orders much more easier as you will not need to provide your personal information every time you access the site, only a confirmation for payment method will be requested.

In case you forget your access password, on the ID tab (My account > Access), there will be a link which reads “Request a new password”. When you click on it, you will be directed to a page to confirm your request for a new password and a message will be immediately sent to your registered e-mail with your temporary password. After you log in with your temporary password, it is essential that you change it to a secure passaword that only you know. In order to do that, go to My Account > Change password.

When registering, you can opt for not receiving e-mails with news and promotions that are exclusive to our website.


E-mail marketing campaigns will only be made with the customer’s consent at the time of registration. The exclusion from the list can be requested on a link present in every marketing e-mail sent.


Mix Brasil Fit has the commitment of complete privacy with every registered customer’s personal information for third parties, regardless of the situation. This information is used to process your orders, for us to get to know our customer better, to create progressive campaigns, promotions, and to provide you with news according to your profile.

Only personal information, such as: name, address, and phone number, will be registered. Your payment information will not be registered in our system.